Download and view manual or user guide ABTRONIC X2 FITNESS BELT others online. Click here to go to download ABTRONIC X2 FITNESS BELT others for. If you don’t want to use the gel please order off our Abtronix X2 With Gel Pads add) 1 AbTronic X2 Controller 1 Carry Bag 1 Diet and Instruction Manual 2. Includes:1 Set of Regular Pads (Gel Included), 1 Set of Gel Pads,1 AbTronic X2 Controller, 1 Carry Bag, 1 Diet and Instruction Manual, and 2 Batteries.

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L M S For Large size approx. Controleer uw email Als u niet binnen een kwartier uw email met handleiding ontvangen heeft, kan het zijn dat u een verkeerd emailadres heeft ingevuld of dat uw emailprovider een maximum grootte per email heeft ingesteld die kleiner is dan de grootte van de handleiding.

For the muscles on the upper front thigh. When should I notice any effect?

Manual Abtronic X2 En Español Gratis

Switch the unit on and carefully increase intensity to level one or two. Page 33 This is not a medical device! As your muscles become stronger, gradually increase the intensity with every session to the maximum for your comfort level.

For ease of use the LCD display can be flipped upside down to make reading easy when wearing the belt. You will see your own muscles moving.

DO NOT apply transcerebrally through the head. Move the belt around to find the right trigger point that gives you maximum contraction. English als bijlage per email. Er is een email naar u verstuurd om uw inschrijving definitief te maken.

  ACI 336.1 PDF

Once you have obtained your desired results, you don’t need to use the AbTronicX2 every day, but only twice a week, two times a day to maintain your shape. Can muscles become over-developed or strained? With your new original AbTronicX2 you can rest assured that you own the best and safest system for your body and health. How should I use AbTronicX2 to speed up my recovery rate? The AbTronicX2 dual channel belt is an ideal way to support this process.

You can determine whether your conductive pads are worn out and need replacing or whether the electronic unit does not generate sufficient output power. Will I find it uncomfortable? Use a low intensity setting with small contractions. Weight loss will mean reshaping your body.

Manual abtronic x2 en español gratis

This can also happen if the body has built up excessive oil on the skin. U krijgt dan ook andere vragen en antwoorden te zien.

Just pull the unit off and put it on a new belt. Muscle tone and definition will show within approximately 3 weeks after incorporating the AbTronicX2 into your program. The AbTronicX2 unit has several built-in safety features: By doing so you can do harder training with shorter rest periods between training sessions. Turn the Belt on its face and place a generous dab of the AbTronicX2 slimming firming gel onto each of the four conductive pads.

According to abtrknic comfort use either Mode 2, 4 or 8 with medium abttonic low intensity levels to melt away tension and enjoy a deep relaxing personal massage with your AbTronicX2 System, whenever you manaul.

The most important of the posture muscles. Do NOT immerse the belt in water or other liquids.


ABTronic 2X Instructions Manual

U kunt hieronder aangeven waarom deze vraag ongepast is. AbTronicX2 is not age dependent and can be used at any age. De handleiding is 3,16 mb groot. If you change the exercise mode during the 10 minute exercise period, the timer will continue to count-down from the original leftover nanual. After downloading the file, save it in safe place for example in “My documents” or “Desktop” folder.

In this way you can replicate the same conditions as weight training, but you can do so with your AbTronicX2 System in the comfort of your own home epsaol without the need for weights or a multi-gym.

Descargar manual abtronic x2 en español pdf – bilropyfolbolecomcompcoupdeahoshe

Antwoorden worden ook per e-mail naar abonnees gestuurd. Intensity level Mode Indication: Important Guidelines The AbTronicX2 is extremely safe and simple to use, however, AbTronicX2 does not take any responsibility for any harm caused due to misuse of the product. Thanks to its smart compatible mabual, you can also make use of the many accessories available to customize your AbTronicX2.

There is a velcro belt that can be used to effectively target individual muscle groups. The unit will not work if you are not wearing it, if there is not enough conducting gel present or no load is connected C ALARM: