Liber Pyramidos by Aleister Crowley. With additional notes by Jake Stratton-Kent. A Guide to the Underworld. Published January, 20 pages. I’m bumping this thread and am going to digress for a moment from its orignial intent to ask a question of the forum about theory relating to Liber. I’m just reading up on Kairos and I”m wondering if I can use this archetype for the Liber Pyramidos ritual? How do I use the Chain, the Scourge.

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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Style created by spyka. Mon Dec 31, 2: Sun Jul 11, I guess I should list here the things I am unsure of: Is this spiralling clockwise while also circling clockwise or are there a couple of different ways it should be done?

The secret word of the Neophyte: I have seen it written as M M and I have seen it written in its entirety. Is it what I think it is? Cutting the cross on the chest and drawing blood: How necessary is this? Would this be, the forehead, chest and buttocks? When giving this as in ‘Speak fair words for What does this mean exactly?

Is it to repeat a certain section, if so, which one? I would also like to know how it is to be performed. Is it just the one time or should it be performed at the beginning of a week and then doing some dedicated practice for a week and then ending with Liber P or should it be performed every day for at least a week?

I have have searched high and low for detailed information on Liber P but have found very little so any advice that can be provided to me will be very much appreciated. Sun Jul 11, 4: Sun Jul 11, 5: The following might help, or at least be of interest. It is an article that appeared in Black Pearl, Vol. You might be able to some of your questions for this. Why did I do a Greek retrofit?

Help with perfoming Liber Pyramidos ritual |

Here’s the introductory paragraph: The Egyptian form is well known. Original drafts have not survived. I created the adaptation following for a stage of my personal Work, retrofitting the ritual to the pantheon of Greece in a period when she was heavily influenced by Egyptian importation. Sun Jul 11, 7: The advice you have given me is invaluable. I ljber with a lineage of the A. I intend on acting it out numerous times before I perform it proper but I just wanted to get a few things straight even before rehearsing it.

The manuscripts I have been using are the ones that are freely available online but the one I have been referring to most of all is the key entry by Frater T. With regards ‘Rubric’ it is written like this; ‘Asar! Who clutches at my throat? Who pins me down?



Who stabs my heart? I am unfit to pass within This Pylon of the Hall of Maat. Rubric as before The Lustral Water! The Scourge, the Dagger and the Chain Purge body, breast and brain! Let the Oil Balance, assain, assoil! I very much look foward to studying it as much as I have the Egyptian form.

I am tempted to work with this one also as libfr Greek pantheon holds slightly more appeal to me pyrsmidos the Egyptian. I am not sure if my superior would recognise it however. Wed Dec 04, 7: I nominate pyramieos interaction as a shining example of what can be accomplished on this forum.

The question and the answer, and the stuff in between were all very elucidating.

It may actually encourage me to participate here a little more. I am pretty bored of Facebook anyway. Fri Mar 06, 1: A couple of questions on the practice on this ritual: If the individual is “bound and hoodwinked” throughout a large portion of this ritual, how exactly are they expected to perform various actions, such as the cuttings, anointings and gestures during this portion?

Towards the end, the “brow” forehead? Is there not a risk of the oil dripping into, and burning, an eye?


Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. John – it’s Crowley’s diary while he was writing Pyramidos. A lot of these details are described therein. You should receive it from your Zelator. You can check your reconstruction of it by confirming that it toals to 93, but please then keep it to yourself. If you don’t have a Zelator – that is, if you’re not really in the A. It should embody your understanding of the whole course of your Great Work at this juncture.

IMVHO the main impact of the cutting etc. Same with the chain to forehead and whip to your ass. Oil hitting broken skin in this locations spreads through the nerves in a pattern that triggers some sensation-spreads that can have some really interesting effect sof energy distribution. A little observed fact: These actions are in the ritual exactly where the Golden Dawn had purifications and consecrations water and fire of the candidate.

They are intended to stand in for those. The sourge – dagger – chain are the “purification by water” – the application of the oil is the “consecration by fire. What manuscript are you using?

I’m not sure I can answer that without pulling archive copies out of old files. All of our “in use” copies have been edited to spell that out more. But if you can remind me how it’s written, I can probably answer the question. PS You should be asking your Zelator that one.

If this is intended to effect your formal transition to Neophyte, then that’s absolutely something you should ask your Zelator about since they are varying from the standard system and not putting you through the temple version of If you are working solitary, then you have a lot of latitude – again, see John St.


If you are asking the “for a week” question based on Liberthen I’ll just say that, no, that’s not what the seven days are used for. And I really can’t say what the first six days are used for without screwing it up forever for anyone coming through the system in the future. If you’re working solitary, it doesn’t matter – just figure something out and make a decision about it.

In practical terms, you have to do it enough times to know it and get good at it before you say, “OK, this is the one that counts for my transition. Mostly because this is intended to be passed directly from Zelator to Neophyte within the Order, and nobody’s business outside the Order. But all of my answers have been consistent with you actually being able to self-perform the ritual. It fills in a few details such as where the five cuts are to occur. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

The best kind of “binding” is a pair of handcuffs. For example, after you unlock them, they shake off at the end with the proper motion, make a nice clank when they hit the floor, etc. You will find a good pyramids at most sex shops plus, usually, somebody pyramidow happy to help you try them out and patiently see which ones work for you. Make sure you have cuffs with enough flexibility rotator in the middle, etc.

Cuff your hands in front of you, and you will be able to do everything you need to do for the ritual including adjust the hoodwink as needed. The key goes on the altar. Pyraamidos takes care of the harder of the two from a “how to make it work” point of view. The hoodwink is trivial compared to pyramixos but, of course, provides a different set of problems to overcome: You simply have to be able to navigate without sight!

Know where everything is.

Thelemistas | Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos

Feel your way around. Other than the circumambulating, there isn’t a single thing that happens that is so abrupt that you can’t make your way through. The easiest ljber is to make sure the room is dark except for candles placed in key places – the candle light will penetrate through a layer or two or black fabric don’t get something so opaque that it won’t.