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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All of a sudden last week this Idiot starts playing music loud. I have lived in the DR for 3 years and I have heard loud music before but this is wickedly loud. The first night it lasted for about 1 hour and we didnt say anything figuring it was a passing thing.

The next night it started again so I went over there to explain that we have a 2 month old baby in our house and that it is so loud that you cannot hear the TV. This isn’t only me but also about other people who are having their lives upset by this every night. I mean we live in a pretty decent neighbourhood. Small kids and infants and older people as well.

Everyone is Peed off. So we began to call the police, Us and several of our neighbours. When we called back they said because he moved the truck off the street, and into the house that there is nothing that the police could do and as a matter of fact he challenged them to come inside. On about the 5th night of this we got together with a couple of neighbours after we all called the police one by one and we went to the Fiscals house and he said to talk to the police Captain and that there was nothing that he could do.


We are getting the typical runaround where the police say that they can’t go in or arrest the guy without the Fiscal and the Fiscal is saying that we need to talk to the police captain to get something done. I want to go there and ram a car into his Speakers and then I think it would be a lot of fun to EGG his jeep tonight and every night that he does it! Any one had this happen or any suggestions? I mean this guy has complete disregard for everyone around him and we heard him screaming at the cops that they should be happy that he isn’t out shooting people instead.

Aren’t there any laws that the police have on the books. It is really aggravating and frustrating and invasive.

One iof the neighbours said he is Campesino and wants to “show-off” his new Jeep and sound system. I wish he would go do lwy the farm!

Idiot with SUPER Loud Music HELP

And this isnt your typical truck drives by blasting out the messages thing. It IS that loud but can last up to 2 or 3 hours!

Last edited by jojo; at As a foreigner, you may be better off not getting involved and letting the Dominicans take care of it. Try to find out where is his contador from the electricity and shut off his electricity.

Cut his tyres from his car in the night. Originally Posted by jojo That’s why it is important to have connections and know lots of people from different spheres of life here.

To either “force” the forces police, fiscal into doing something or to help you do “maldad”. But it is a good advsie to not get directly AND visibly involved.

If you do things invisibly, OK. Let you move the cards and let other people do the job itself. Junta de Vecinos – is a recognized political tool in this country.


1943 › Page 33 –

Get your Junta de Vecinos together. If JDV complains to 287-4, he has to listen. He has to listen more than if just one or two or three of you come separately.

As was said, dominicans have a way of doing things. Just yesterday my friend told me, that about 3 years ago their JDV decided there would be no Haitians living in their barrio. They found a way to force them out, sell their houses, and be gone! Is this a neighborhood of apartment buildings or homes? Do people lry or own? Before you take any matters into your own hands, make sure you know who this person 287-40.

If he is a campesino that just got his hands on some money and decided to buy a truck with a loud 2877-04, he may be a criminal and could very well have connections to the very police you are complaining to. Is he living alone? Do people around the neighborhood know him, or did he just recently move there?

Originally Posted by mountainfrog.

#leyrd hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Of course, there leh laws: But, le on who the guy is “hijo de papi”you might as well move out. Until this guy gets on Dominican nerves you’d be in a nut house already. I have been living in the nice quiet area for about 2. Originally Posted by Keith R. Tags for this Thread noisesound pollution.

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