Master of Craving (Blood Sword Legacy) [Karin Tabke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Master of Craving, the third book in the Blood. A Knight to Remember (Blood Sword Legacy Book 4) – Kindle edition by Karin Tabke. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Master of Torment (Blood Sword Legacy) [Karin Tabke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wulfson of Trevelyn, trusted knight of William the.

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Apr 17, BookChick rated it really liked it Shelves: The chapter ends and the next scene is of our heroine, several years after the hero escaped.

Blood Sword Legacy

But when you find yourself reading about the hero lopping someone’s arms off, being branded with hot iron, other folks getting eyes gouged out and heads on pikes, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. I had a very clear picture of Rohan in my mind whilst reading this. These armies are taking over lands and people in the name of William, and coercing the people to swear allegiance to William.

The second opportunity for a great story comes in the second chapter, when the ‘hero’ and his boys and storming our heroine’s castle, intent on it’s capture.

She calls them the Knights of the Blood Sword, and states that their seed with only be fertile with the women destined to bear them sons.

Rohan | Karin Tabke ~ National Bestselling Author

Aug 16, Nina rated it it was amazing. Can she remain true to her Saxon heritage and her hopes that her brother may have survived the battlefield, or will Sir Rohan’s skilled touch capture her unwilling heart as surely as his prowess with his sword captured her father’s lands?

She was no taller than a young lad. Not to mention that the hero and his boys had wounds from torture and what, they just walked out of this death prison?


Well, after reading Master of Oegacy by Karin Tabke, I am going to give the genre some serious reconsideration from now on! In the interest of fairness to the book, I’m going to leave my biggest issue with it to the end, recognizing that my biggest issue might just be a matter of taste, and other people might like that sort of thing.

Blood Sword Legacy | Karin Tabke ~ National Bestselling Author

This book might be fantasy fulfilment to some, but to me it reads like Stockholm syndrome and sets feminism back several millennia. I don’t mind tried plots but I tire of Isabel and her indignation. Busy mother of four, owner of her own successful business and wife to a street legaxy, she harbored thoughts of twisting plots and hot romantic scenes. I could go on, but I don’t want to give away too many spoilers. As one of the Black Swords, Sir Rohan du Luc, enemies fall easily lgacy his assault, until he comes face to face with a foe more worthy than any battle-hardened knight.

May 19, Rhonda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Medieval romance series, group of knights were cursed by a witch to suffer hatred from ones they love by causing hurt to them or something, a Lord practice that lords have right over newly wed bride on their wedding night before blpod Husband.

Will their love conquer all, or will it be lost forever? The last thing this lady intends is to let a Norman bastard trespass on her person or steal her maidenhead. The reason I am giving this book two stars is because it is very similar to a book I read as a teenager called The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E.

The year is I liked how it was not all fluff and romance. There was lots of steamy sexual tension between Isabel and Rohan, lgeacy there is definitely a progression to this, as Isabel hates him in the beginning, as did I. His eyes scanned lower to a full bosom that heaved in her anger. Can’t wait to start the next one. And the heroine falls for him for no other reason than his dominance, rape I’m sorry, just because there was no penis-in-vagina action doesn’t make the sexual violation of another human being okand apparently giant member oh yes, her mouth even legady open in shock when she sees it, and I’m not kidding!


Still semi-distracted by her adult children Yay! Can she remain true to her Saxon heritage and her hopes that her brother may have swofd the battlefield, or will Sir Rohan’s skilled touch capture her unwilling heart as surely as his prowess with his sword captured her father’s lands? The romance is karinn. I appreciate realism but I don’t want nightmares when I read a romance.

I thought it was well-written, in that the author clearly understands and can use grammar, and may be familiar with Strunk and Bkood.

Larger than any man she had come across in her nearly score of years. As part of the prophecy, only a specific woman can bear each of karim sons, and with it comes a price. There are eight brothers in the Blood Swords can’t wait for the next installment. For instance, how exactly did Rohan and the other Blood Swords escape from seord dungeons in Jubb?

Isabel is just the kind of heroine I love. Which is sad, since there was so much potential.

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