The Bluetooth module we’ll be using is called JY-MCU Bluetooth Board Module ( 4-pin). Here is the datasheet for the main module: HC serial wireless module. Baud rate: ; Device name: linvor; Passkey: The JY-MCU Bluetooth Serial Port module defaults to or Step 1: Connect the JY-MCU module to the Arduino for configuration. Description: JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module for Arduino. This incredibly affordable module is compatible with any official Arduino board and can.

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Last time we looked at measuring temperature using a digital temperature sensor. So we have several modules generating data, would be great to be able to access that data remotely.

Considering how ubiquitous Bluetooth is most smartphones and laptops have itit will turn out to be extremely useful in our future projects. Here is the datasheet for the main module: HC serial wireless module.


It also provides some information on how to change the baud rate, device name and passkey, so make sure to check the data sheet.

The wiring is really straightforward, no extra components are needed. Simply connect the 4 pins to your Arduino board.

Easy Arduino Bluetooth Communication with JY-MCU Bluetooth module

For transmitting information through the module we will use the default SoftwareSerial library. It is already bundled with Arduino, so no further downloads are necessary. Reading through the docs is, again, encouraged, as we will use very similar code to drive our JY-MCU module.

If you open up SoftwareSerial constructor docsSoftwareSerial constructor zerial defined as such:.

Only two pins to drive the module, other than that the interface is exactly the same as serial communication to PC via USB. First we include the library and set our RX and TX pins. Bluetooth Serial initialization works exactly the same way regular Serial communication works, we call begin method with the baud rate.


If there is any data received by the bluetooth module, send it over the regular Serial connection to our PC.

Easy Arduino Bluetooth Communication with JY-MCU Bluetooth module

If PC sends information via Serial, then we send that information over via Bluetooth. If you have an Android device, there is this Blue Serial app for testing serial communication over Bluetooth.

For Apple devices there should be something similar on the App store as well. Once we turn on Arduino, a red light on Bluetooth module should be flashing continuously.

Once connection is established, that red light will stay on constantly. Here I sent some information from my PC to the phone and vice versa: Measuring temperature with DS18B20 temperature sensor.

Distance sensing with ultrasonic sensor and Arduino.