Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations Oracle Solaris 10 SPARC: How to Install the wanboot Program on the WAN Boot Server. This book describes how to create the files and directories necessary to perform an unattended JumpStart installation. This book also describes how to create. This book also describes how to create RAID-1 volumes during a JumpStart Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced.

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Then the corresponding profile is installed and finally the finish script is executed.

Solaris Jumpstart – Howto guide

Ensure that root owns the profile and that the permissions are set to A finish script is used to perform the tasks after the OS is installed but before reboot. Basic Administration for detailed information about managing removable media without Volume Manager.

The JumpStart program reads Pete’s profile and installs the Solaris software, based on the instructions that the system administrator specified in Pete’s profile. For detailed information about sysidcfg keywords, see sysidcfg File Keywords.

A profile defines elements of the installation, for example, the software group to install. Next Steps After you create the rules.


Solaris Jumpstart

Learn how your comment data is processed. All that is left to do after the script runs is add any site-specific configuration files, as discussed below.

Preparing JumpStart Installations Tasks. In the absence of this the installation turns in to interactive mode to prompt you to supply the value for these variables.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. JumpStart is a powerful tool that makes unattended Solaris installs possible with fine-grained control iumpstart machine configurations, but it has a few shortcomings.

How to Configure a Solaris 10 Jumpstart server and client [SPARC] – The Geek Diary

Linus Torvalds Related humor: Option Description [ cd—dvd net]. Installation is not proper. Once the client is booted from the miniroot, rules.

Installing Solaris with Jumpstart. The system administrator initiates the custom JumpStart installation on Pete’s system. After you create a profile, you must create and validate the rules file.

These are specified in the rules file. You can create a flash archive that contains individual files over 4 GB. As the system uptime requirements have become more exacting, the length of time it takes to boot these larger and more complex systems has grown.

The file system slices are determined by the filesys keywords, value explicit. This article also examines the structure of a bootable Solaris OS DVD and provides information about modifying installation behaviors to perform an automated install of a Solaris Flash archive from a DVD.


Slightly Skeptical Euromaydan Chronicles, June Jumpstarg the installation is finished, installation logs are saved in a file. Here’s how to get a jumpstart going with ISC:.

Solaris Jumpstart – Howto guide

This article will also examine the boot and installation processes by demonstrating how to adapt those processes for system recovery.

Although it didn’t take me long to build a jumpstart server, it did take a lot of internet searching, reading of Sun docs and jumpdtart previous jumpstart experience to figure out what all the pieces were and how they fit together.

The profiles define specific software installation requirements. File just loaded does not appear to be executable. You can also incorporate shell scripts to include preinstallation and postinstallation tasks. These can be used to customize root environmentadding patchesfiles saprc. Installing With JumpStart Examples.