Used Jbl for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. We sell used & new Subwoofer by JBL. Select from the best prices and availability in the world. There are two JBL subs for sale for dirt cheap locally. I found it difficult to find anything about them except they are a five cubic foot box.

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Results 1 to 15 of I like Hz as the crossover point. Mark Gensman wrote on Thu, 17 February However, you will need to have a very steep filter on the bottom end because the xmax of. The is a better bass horn.

Perhaps I can break my run of bad luck on eBay, the last amplifier I sold an HH V is coming back to me because the fan makes too much noise for the guy to use as part of a HiFi 457 his front room! It is turning out to be quite the versatile basic woofer module for sure.

They were ‘flown’ much like yours and I’ve had to fill the holes.

JBL – HiFi-Do McIntosh/JBL/audio-technica/Jeff Rowland/Accuphase

JBL project Low and behold that configuration had all the throw and impact in the world After getting those in place I decided to try removing the vinyl covering. You would need at least 4 boxes, ideally 8 per side.

Did the vinyl just shrivel up into a glob as I have seen before? Testwork – Thanks, I don’t think it will hurt to add a couple 1×2 pieces diagonally across the sides.


Not to scale of course. I’m very interested in the Thanks again for the help identifying the box, if I understand correctly it didn’t originally contain jb, passive crossover, so that is something to cross off the list.

My corners are in better shape but the tolex coverings have been scuffed quite a bit on mine, too. Originally Posted by jbl. According to the JBL data sheet Hz is the maximum recommended upper end. But I myself would probably do it simply because it won’t hurt.

JBL A and enclosures

Personally, I would 407 that it would be better to limit the upper end of the to no more than Hz and try to find a good mid horn to pick up from there and carry you above 3, HZ to avoid disrupting the vocal band. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: All times are GMT Not worth anything these days. Sadly nothing about the box seems in any way valuable, but it might get someone started? Thanks, I knew that.

JBL 4507 Cabinets

Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by TranquilSep 7, What driver are you intending to use? The is a very well jvl and dense cabinet.

TranquilSep 9, The C34 scoop with it’s “rounded” back end looks interesting as well, as a “prettier” alternative to the Will it also sound great with jazz, piano, classical and other critical listening music? Why can’t they duplicate or supercede that fidelity today?????? Also, is the 3″ port and 4″ duct length jl for all three A, and cabs to acheive a 40hz tune?

Perhaps they are including feet in their dimensions. The would be best served in a traditional cabinet correctly tuned to match your sub ubl mid. I’ve searched all over but it seems that JBL do not publish plans for any of their enclosures I simulated the driver in a 5 cubic foot vented box tuned jbbl Originally Posted by Kwikas.


The scoop will do nothing for detailed listing of jazz and classical music. Therein lies my passion!

Probably tuned to 40 hz. But I’m just worried that those who have the scoop are just fanboys and the enclosure may not be an audiophile type enclosure after all? The did shine on two applications: Without the foil it will melt the vinyl and just stick to the iron. Could someone please send me or post some plans for the JBL Cabinets I would really like to build them and try them out with my H’s. If your application is home theater or music listening, I jl go with the It’s been some time since I last read-up on the subject.

John, if you can find some plans in your jvl it would be much appreciated. The box was sold empty so just about any driver could be found in them, but JBL also sold it loaded with a h which isn’t a half bad driver even today.

Never tried, but it is allegedly possible to strip the vinyl with a hot iron and foil as prep for veneering Results 1 to 15 of ZilchSep 10,