The Jamorama Piano series was created on behalf of Rock Star Recipes LTD. I ‘ve also included the New Jamorama Piano Progress Tracker so that you can. Jamorama is the most popular acoustic guitar learning course online! because Jamorama have been teaching guitar online for over 6 years and they teacher. Title: Rocket Piano – Ultimate Guide to Reading Music, Author: Jamorama, Name: Rocket Piano – Ultimate Guide to Reading Music, Length: 32 pages, Page: 1.

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Some are real, but many are fake and outdated. But there are also fake negative reviews. These are reviews that just try and promote other products. Keep in mind this review, along with all my reviews, is based on my personal preference and lots of research.

I personally test these products, and check all reliable external sources such as Trustpilot Reviews and so on. I understand that people want to learn and read reviews about guitar learning programs before buying a membership, or spending any money.

Jamorama Review

But here is some great news for you. All the top learning resources will have a Free Trial! Compare The Top 2 Guitar Courses. Learn Over Guitar Songs Online. This is huge, as there’s no risk.

Test drive the lessons before becoming a member! I’d like to think that my review jamora,a opinions will help you save time and weed through programs that aren’t useful, but sometimes you really need to just test these programs out for yourself. The best part is, you can do this for free. Get started with Jamorama for free here. Guitar Tricks is the lesson website I personally use:.

You can sign up for a 14 day free trial here. JamPlay is my other favourite guitar learning website:. They have a free trial you can test out here. I hate to do a review, and constantly feel I need to compare a product or course to something else, instead of just reviewing it alone. The reason is that jamoramw of the things Jamorama does, other membership sites do better in my opinion. On the jamotama, the feel is that Jamorama differentiates itself with being “social”, and interacting with a community.


But there’s not a ton of stuff happening on the forums:. If you want to join a community and interact with other guitar players, then JamPlay is definitely the better option. Talk about a social jjamorama community! If you’re into the whole social side of learning, then you need to try JamPlay. You can get started with their free trial by clicking here.

Beautiful Piece of Music (Jamorama Piano) (Beginner)

The lessons do a good job jamrama zooming in and highlighting the chords being played, while also allowing you to listen to the instructor face to face during certain segments. When you get started with the free trials, you will notice that the other courses are outlined a bit differently.

For example the videos at JamPlay and Guitar Tricks use different camera angles which you may like or dislike. The membership prices are cheaper at Jamorama, when compared to the other guitar lesson membership sites.

For a full outline on what you get with these different memberships, and to get started for free, visit Jamorama. I’m just pianoo sample size of one, and perhaps my preferences are different than yours. Of course I try and outline the features of jamoraka programs as best I can, and try and be unbiased, however at the end of the day it is my personal opinion.

Well let’s take a look at what some of them say about Jamorama, and my other two recommend programs Guitar Tricks and JamPlay. It’s pretty obvious from this source, which I would say is pretty trustworthy, that Jamorama is not as good as the other choices out there. Now, could Guitar Tricks and JamPlay have fabricated some of these reviews themselves?

But again what’s great, is that you don’t need to let outside reviews influence you at all, if you don’t want to. Simply get started with the free trials which I have outlined above and below, and test these programs out yourself. The competition that I’m referring to specifically is Guitar Tricks and JamPlaywhich I mentioned above quite a few times already. Although Jamorama has tried to differentiate itself on the whole “social side” of things, it just can’t compete with these two websites in terms of content and features.


I can honestly say that for the beginner guitar playernothing beats Guitar Tricks. I highly recommend you watch my full comparison video here. I recommend it more for those who are not pure beginners, as it has some amazing content for those who have already started with the guitar. Please read and watch my full review here. Botton line, when it comes to learning the guitar online, these options are much better than Jamorama in my opinion.

I’m Tyler, the webmaster here at VoicesInc. My passion is music, and my job is to supply reviews and articles about all the different ways you can learn and produce music online. I hope you find this website helpful. With certain types of reviews on the Internet, you need to be careful.

A fake positive review? Is there such a thing? Huge Tip Before We Start I understand that people want to learn and read reviews about guitar learning programs before buying a membership, or spending any money.

Take Advantage of Free Trials! You can literally use these online lessons and test them out before officially joining. Jamorama has free lessons you can test out: Guitar Tricks is the lesson website I personally use: JamPlay is my other favourite guitar learning website: