“I don’t do patrols, I don’t go hunting, I just stick close to you. You live your life. I’ll keep you safe,” Tamani said, sweeping a lock of hair from her face. “Or die. “Fans will revel in the idealized characterizations, breathless abstinence romance, lurking danger and newly explicit Arthurian parallels.” (Kirkus Reviews). Illusions [Aprilynne Pike] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The third instalment of Aprilynne Pike’s extraordinary faerie tale of magic and.

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Waaaay better than the last one.

Now, I’m sure ollusions lot of people would say I can’t judge the book without reading the entire thing, or even half of it. Just because she chose David does not mean that Tamani is willing to give up the fight.

And it all seems so perfect-Laurel is with David, her best friend Chelsea is happy with her boyfriend Ryan, and they’re seniors in high school.

I am having a hard time fully trusting David after Spells She has to pick Tamani. And, honestly, while I’d normally rate it probably a three or a four, I’m giving it a five because of the lovely, wonderful, perfect romance between Laurel and Tamani.

Illusions (Wings, #3) by Aprilynne Pike

Refresh and try again. Love the development of Tamani’s character. Like prior books in the series, Illusions met with positive reviews prior to release. Right from the start this book kicked off with Tamani enrolling as a foreign exchange student at her school.


To view it, click here. I love this series and Illusions is no exception. At the end of the book they discover she is a fairy as well, but they don’t know what kind of fairy she is or how big of a threat she is. This page was last edited on 24 Aprilat Jul 07, Zainab Asma rated it really liked it.

Full of interesting characters, both the ones we already love, and the ones who may now drive us insane, and twists and turns abound, Wild is an exceptional continuation of a fascinating story. In fact I find all of Aprilynne Pike’s characters to illuskons real, like-able, and interesting.

I did really enjoy this book but I thought it was a little repetitive. Do they think we are too dumb to see the story behind those ‘romantic moments’?

Illusions (Pike novel) – Wikipedia

She would chastise David for being jealous, then go on and kiss Tamani. And it zprilynne one of my favorite series. After finishing the Hunger Games series, I didn’t think there would be another series I could get excited about so quickly.

I’m really curious in what Tamani’s up to. Melissa de la Cruz. Being held hostage by the troll had made Laurel agree to telling Chelsea about being a fairy. I am totally, completely, eternally, in complete and utter love with Tamani!! There is nothing even remotely close to action here. Apart from one page of sudden troll action and chapter 36there was no danger anywhere.

This series should not have been dragged out to four books. I am so sick of the humans always getting the good end of the stick. But oh wait you may think she will end up with David NO on Aprilynn Pike’s website laurel heart still aces for Tamani oh give me a brake. Yuki was someone that is easily forgotten, but should not be dismissed.


Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. I made it about ten pages in and I gave up.

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May 3, Imprint: Love reading the next book in the Wings series. I felt like Pike had a lot of potential with this book and she wasted it to prolong a series that has no business having a “book 4. Not that I have a huge amount of sympathy for Tamani. I was starting to actually enjoy things here. I felt that Laurel illudions a weak, complaining and arrogant heroine, and the components of the love triangle—David and Tamani—were too perfect to be considered real Pime think I read somewhere that the author based them both off of her ideal vision of a guy, complete with the fla And here Illusiohs thought this series was actually improving.

Concerned for Laurel’s safety, Tamani tracks the trolls back to a cabin hidden by what appears to be faerie magic more powerful than anything Yuki should be capable of.