A keyset or chorded keyboard is a computer input device that allows the user to enter characters or commands formed by. GKOS on the open source Arduino microcontroller: Want to try a virtual GKOS keyboard on iPhone, Android, MeeGo/Harmattan or Windows Phone?. Edit Site. edit this panel · edit top menu. How to type on a GKOS keyboard. You can try GKOS typing here:

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Developer Website App Support.

‎Chorded Keyboard – GKOS on the App Store

It provides one key for each finger and three for the thumb. Compatibility Requires iOS 5.

With this arrangement, keybowrd nine button keyboard with three rows keyvoard three hexagonal buttons could be fitted onto a telephone and could produce up to 33 different symbols. CyKey pronounced sai-ki is named after the Microwriter chord system’s co-inventor Cy Endfieldwho died in but the name also reflects its intuitive nature. Thad Starner from Georgia Institute of Technology and others published numerous studies [2] [3] [4] showing that two handed chorded text entry was faster and yielded fewer errors than on a QWERTY keyboard.

Building or Obtaining a GKOS Keyboard – GKOS

The FrogPad is a key chorded keyboard about the size of a numeric keypad that can be used with one hand, and is optimized by character frequency. This GKOS for thumbs has additional keys to enable all combos by only one keypress per hand. In Engelbart’s original mapping, he used five keys: But telegraph operators were already using typewriters with QWERTY keyboards to “copy” received messages, and at the time it made more sense to build a gks that could generate the codes automatically, rather than making them learn to use a new input device.


It definitely has a learning curve but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad app. The first widespread use of a chord keyboard was in keyblard stenotype machine used by court reporters, which was invented in and is still in use. Each key is essentially a shift key so that with ten keys, there are ten single keystrokes and dozens of two and three key combinations.

A design by IBM Fellow Nat Rochester had 14 keys that were dimpled on the edges as well as the top, so one finger could press two adjacent keys for additional combinations. Practice with the keyboard is slow and difficult and the help function is not useful for someone wanting to find a key combination. Improve Reading with Rhymes: Something does not work as expected?

Retrieved 25 February A video game controller called the X-SKIN, using this system, was expected to be commercially available by [citation needed] to help make Morphs popular on console systems and ease entry of common data such as a username and password, but the USB device was never made commercially available.

Every single and gkod chord on the Twiddler can be customized by the end user.

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set keyboarc, up to six family members can use this app. Find out what you can do. Test the GKOS concept on your browser: As the number of keys is low the button areas can be made bigger and easier to hit on the small screen.


Braille a writing system for the blind uses either 6 or 8 tactile ‘points’ from which all letters and numbers are formed.

Many stenotype users can reach words per minute. Fill In the Gap. The 6 physical keys are intended to be on the back of the device and to be operated with the six free fingers of two hands holding the device [27]. Create account or Sign in.

Chorded keyboard

The mouse buttons marked selections and confirmed or aborted commands. This keyboard is just for professional users not beginners, cuz it’s too difficult for ppl to use and has help but it’s not helpfully there is not many tutorial for this app at all.

The finger pad gks are adjustable to fit your hand size. Each key is mapped to a number and then can be mapped to a corresponding letter or command. GKOS on the open source Arduino microcontroller: Pressing down on one of the dimples would cause either one, two or three of the hexagonal buttons to be depressed at the same time, forming a chord that would be unique to that symbol.

This ,eyboard was last edited on 18 Novemberat It is available via the Apple app store.