Texts attributed to Garab Dorje (Prahevajra/Pramodavajra/Surativajra): The famous three lines spoken by Garab Dorje as his last testament to Mañjuśrīmitra. For it is the final testament of Garab Dorje, The essence of the wisdom mind of the three transmissions. It is entrusted to my heart disciples, sealed to be secret. Garab Dorje (Fl. 55 CE) (Tibetan:དགའ་རབ་རྡོ་རྗེ་, Wylie: dga’ rab rdo rje) 9Skt . Prahevajra (Pramodavajra/Surativajra) was the semi-historical first human.

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It is entrusted to my heart disciples, sealed to be secret. His power, however, was well known and provided an ineluctable attraction to the local Dakinis.

As soon as he received it, his vorje became the same as the wisdom mind of his master Garab Dorje. Garab Dorje or Garap Dorje is the only attested name.

At that moment, the dakinis and sages showered praise and offerings on the infant, and from the sky gods proclaimed: Readily accepting much hardship on the way they finally reached Eastern India, and at Kamarupa, a major tantric seat in Assam, they encountered a Dakini who directed them to the master Hungkara, who lived in the Garuda Grove at Golden Rock, Serdrak Jakhyung Tsel. Homage to the master! Views Read View source View history. But she was otherwise known as Sahaja which denotes a realization of the nature of mind in the mahamudra tradition.

There he left the imprint of his body in rock and demonstrated his realization by penetrating garzb boulder with his phurba. To really enter into this knowledge by just reading books is a fantasy.

The king was filled with faith in the Vajrayana and because of this many people took refuge in the Buddha-dharma. Dargyayet al.

He had a dream and the dream had seven episodes. An eighteen inch image of Vajrapani also fell with the texts.

Hitting the Essence in Three Words

This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat But political intrigue at court cut short the king’s study with Vairotsana. Soon after the Bhiksuni Sudharma gave birth to a son, but ashamed that the baby had no father, she sought to conceal it and threw it into a pit of ashes.

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The Eastern Tibetan Yudra Nyingpo became his collaborator in translation and teaching. With no difference between meditation and post-meditation, Odrje division between sessions and breaks, Always remain in this indivisible state. The first of the transmission texts of the Mind Series is called ” The Cuckoo: The view is Longchen Rabjam: Again Shri Singha taught the three outer cycles of the Secret Teaching instruction but this time he passed on the texts.

Events Books Contact Search. Prahevajra or Pramodavajra [4] Tibetan: In due course he met a tantric master. The [nature of] awareness is free from existence, And various arisings of self-appearances are ceaseless.

Dzogchen dorjd Great Perfection teachings according to Tibetan Buddhist tradition. As for the view, Longchen Forje, Three graab strike the vital point. King Dza tried to read the texts but he could not decipher them. Though not his writings the tradition holds that the Seventeen Tantras were directly revealed to Garab Dorje.

Fresh, pure and sudden, so beyond description: In Western countries today they are developing this kind of tradition or school but you must not follow it At that point, whether attachment or aversion, happiness or sorrow— All momentary thoughts, each and every one, Upon recognition, leave not a trace behind. Oddiyana was the most important source of esoteric Buddhist teachings, or tantras.

His disciples were Vimalamitra and Jnanasutra. He received this name in the following manner.

In his youth he studied with the Acharya Haribhala and after three years he was an accomplished scholar. He was also called Vetalsukha and Rolang Thaldok Blissful Zombie and Ash-colored Zombieas he had been recovered from the ashes where he had been buried. According to Khandro Nyingthig and other sources, Shrisimha also came to Shitavana charnel ground and received Khandro Nyingthig and other teachings from Xorje, and later he transmitted them to Guru Padmasambhava dorj Vairochana.


[E-Book] The Essence of the Three Statements of Garab Dorje (PDF)

In Jalandhara to the east of Uddiyana he received the wisdom vorje from Balipada, who was an emanation of the great master Jalandharipa. Their leader was a spellbinder called Mantrapada and she was a dorue Dakini and skilled in uttering curses. Usually, such numbers are multiples of 9 such as Then once during a feast, when all were present, the king handed a bowl of soup to one of his women and told her to offer it, while it was still warm, to Lawapa, on far distant Kotambha mountain “Close your eyes and say these words,” the King told the doubtful girl.

After receiving initiation and instruction he realized pure awareness. Shri Singha gave him the initiation and empowerment into the tantras and also all the teaching on the Space Series in the black, white and variegated modes. From him he received the initiatory empowerments and meditational activities of the uttermost secret section of the Secret Teaching and after the fourth empowerment he saw the naked nature of mind.

Prahevajra or Pramodavajra [1]. One who practises in such a way, May well attain enlightenment in this very life. Completely satisfied gaarb although the master had not given him the texts – he returned to India.

[E-Book] The Essence of the Three Statements of Garab Dorje (PDF)

He received the empowerments, instructions, and entrustment of the tantras of Dzogpa Chenpo in an instant frm Vajrasattva and attained the stage of “no more training”, Buddhahood. The king was very happy and gave the child gwrab name Prahevajra Vajra of Supreme Joy.

So all the phenomenal existents are arising as the pure land of Dharmakaya, And all garba arisings are liberated in the nature [of awareness] itself.