The EC help provides an easy access to the information related to the use of Keysight EC Network Analyzer. Pressing Help key on the front panel. EB/EB, please see the Programming Manual. • Installation and Quick Start Guide (Part Number: Ex1, attached to optional ABA). This manual . The EC complies with INSTALLATION CATEGORY II as well as The Service Manual is a guide to servicing the EC ENA Series Network Analyzer .

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Agilent Technologies assumes no liability for the customer’s w5071c to comply with these precautions. If you do any operation other than the following steps, the system may not be recovered.

EC User Manual – EC Network Analyzer from Keysight

Click Open to start the calibration measurement. A chassis terminal; a connection to the instrument’s chassis, which includes all exposed metal structure.

It is recommended to save the file to a directory which has enough space like the E drive. Turn on the EC.

The procedure consists of the following items. The mark x appears also on the upper right, lower left, and lower right. Click Port x Load to start the calibration measurement x denotes the test port to which the standard is connected.

Upon pressing this key, calibration coefficients will be calculated and saved. Instructions contained in the warnings must be janual.

Call Center tel tel 81 fax 81 Korea: The printing date changes when a new edition is printed. NOTE You need a keyboard for this operation. In addition to the Windows operating system, the r5071c settings of the EC are returned to the factory state.


Such noncompliance would also violate safety standards of design, manufacture, and intended use of the instrument. A confirmation dialog box is displayed. Minor corrections and updates that are incorporated at reprint do not cause the date to change. Turn the screw in anti-clockwise direction until it is locked.

To use this function, you must create the user backup image in advance.

Connect the keyboard to the EC. Insert the hard disk into the slot. After several seconds, mnaual next screen appears automatically even if you do not press any key, so do not miss it.

The EC restart automatically.

Click Port x-y Isol to start the calibration measurement x and y denote the port numbers to which the LOAD standard is connected. EC firmware is executed, then the measurement display appears. CN or below Returns the contents of the C and D drives to a user-specified state. Touch the x marks in that order with your finger. Select the C drive, then click Next button. A message box appears after the completion of recovery process.

Use extreme d5071c when handling, testing, and adjusting this instrument.

If necessary, input comments and click Next button. Component replacement and internal adjustments must be made by qualified maintenance personnel. Press Adjust Touch Screen.

Agilent Technologies E5071C Manual

Network setting GPIB setting Printer setting The driver for the supported printer installed after purchase is deleted. Types of system recoveries The following 2 types of system recoveries are available. Select the saved backup image file, then click Next button. Files you created using the save function files in the D drive are not affected, but we recommend backing them up before executing system recovery for precautionary purposes.

  ANSELL 11-510 PDF

In EC, right click My Computer. Dangerous voltage levels, capable of causing death, are present in this instrument. Press the standby switch of the EC to turn it on. If you use a calibration kit other than a predefined one, you need to define it. The HDD revision can be checked using the following procedure: The dialog box disappears automatically after a few seconds.

Inset the key in the lock and turn crockwise. If you perform the following procedure incorrectly, a message asking you whether to return to the previous registration screen and perform the registration appears. This calibration effectively eliminates the frequency response reflection tracking error, directivity error, and source match error from the test setup in a reflection test using that port.

Select the D drive to restore, then click Next button. Follow the procedure described below to calibrate the touch screen.