Transcript of Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition. Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition Author: Jessica Burkhart Characters. Sasha Silver continues her journey of boarding school drama and competitive horsemanship in book #12 of the Canterbrook Crest series. Sasha is one of four students who will be expelled if one does not confess to writing a malicious blog, as she prepares for a surprise birthday party for Heather .

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In the first book, Heather and her friends were constantly trying to put down Sasha by constantly pulling pranks that wouldn’t work in real l I read this as it was recommended to me. Sasha had the perfect boy Unfriendly Competition is Jessica Burkhart’s 12 book in the series. She is the author of the Canterwood Crest series.

This series just makes me happy and a little silly. Sasha and her friends have to hang tight, because they might just fall over the edge. Mar 30, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Oct 09, Liana rated it it was amazing. In this book, a mysterious blog was written in the last book. This book is about how sasha is dealing with moving out of her old dorm and into a new one with a whole new roomate, dealing with all her relationships and romances. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


And I loved the ending and how it sew together the Lauren and Sasha books into one series. This Was A Great Book. I really like Sasha and the others. Aug 24, Aishah Q. To view it, click here. Mar 28, Ally! I think that anyone who really has a passion for horses and likes drama would really enjoy this book!

Heather forced her to turn her self in and that was the end of Julia and Canterwood Crest. Very interesting and competitipn of cliffhangers to hook you into the canterwood i really liked reading this book can’t wait to finish the next one.

I just had 2 suspects, one was a definite: But I loved it as a cret and it made me appreciate books more, so that’s what matters!

Hope you enjoy this book as much comletition I did. Sasha looks like a 14 year old girl with brown hair and a horse names Charm. Also, sadly, this is the last book involving Sasha Silver because she graduates from the middle school. Seeing Julia be the “bad” blogger was really interesting. I an going to miss charm and Sasha so much!

She already has a perfect boyfriend! This is the best CC book ever!!! Kissing the way these characters do?

Canterwood Crest: Unfriendly Competition by Kennedy Roberts on Prezi

Jess was an equestrian before she started writing. I loved this book! Brit because I was just waiting for that hidden secret, you never know after all. It could have been made better if it was more of a normal high-school life story, minus the rich girls and excessive drama. No more Sasha, no more Jacob, no more Lauren!


Unfriendly Competition (Canterwood Crest, book 12) by Jessica Burkhart

I also became frustrated when the main character made decisions that made absolutely no sense. Though the series will continue, there will be a new main character to narrate the series!

I rate it two stars because So Cnterwood guess this is it.

Sasha is a horseback rider for the YENT so she is constantly pressure to do her best because otherwise she will be kicked of the team. May 30, Julia rated it liked it. The unfriendoy were pretty good in the beginnning. Because I love them and they are so easy to read without having to think about plot and etc.

I have been through all twelve books of Sasha and it is so hard to let go of unfrkendly There wasn’t really one.

Unfriendly Competition (#12 in Canterwood Crest Series)

I will stick to what I think and what I kept in mind: Sasha had the perfect boyfriend Jacob that helped her through everything and she also had her bestie Brit. Looking back, it’s pretty terrible. Sasha’s life seems to be perfect: Mmm, it could also be this person. They ride horses and they act like normal girl.