Camelot #1 – 12 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite. When it was first published in , DC Comics’ Camelot was already notable for a number of reasons—it was the first maxi-series; the. CAMELOT · CAMELOT · CAMELOT DELUXE EDITION · CREATURE COMMANDOS · DC RETROACTIVE: BATMAN – THE ’80S #1.

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Camelot 3000

It was just an okay one for me. And as far as swashbuckling sci-fi action-adventure goes, Camelot is really quite good.

You know what’s really great about late 80s DC? Instead, about something I really love there is without any doubts the character of Tristan. Trust me; it’s one of the best comics stories ever published. Gawain is reincarnated as a South African family man.

Camelot #1 – 12 () – GetComics

I didn’t rate it espall a 5-star because Tristan annoyed me endlessly. I admit with a little guilt that I then went in for a quick trip down Memory Lane. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Dec 21, Greg rated it liked it.

Both of these themes were ahead of their time when this was first published. I think I’ve been spoiled with Sandman, Hellboy, and Saga Now, reading something like that would be cheesy or cliched, but back then, it’s pretty groundbreaking.

The story is quite obviously dated, but if you keep in mind that it was written in the 80s, you can easily see how it refused eapaol conform to stereotypes and it’s still really nice to see that Sir Gawain didn’t die first, I’m just saying.

Camelot 3000 #1 – 12 (1982-1985)

I am an arthurian fan so I am going to review this comic from an arthurian point of view. Their task is complicated by internal tensions including the renewed love triangle between Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan’s grappling with his gender identity, Tom Prentice’s infatuation with Tristan, and Gawain’s desire to see his family again.

Add to that the sly trope concerning the consequences of abandoning a space program presented early on, and Camelot is even better. It just happens that moment of greatest need occurs in the far future of AD.

There’s also some sensitive portrayal of transgender and transsexual issues in the pages of Camelotand considering that Marvel, as late ashad exactly one openly gay character [ Alpha Flight ‘s Jean-Paul ” Northstar ” Beaubier]—and the less said about Marvel’s handling of that business the better—that’s to DC’s credit.


Yet, none of them sounded as crazy as ‘Camelot ‘: Very cool reimagining of the Arthurian legend as the prophecy of Arthur’s return is fulfilled Barr was never better than when he published Camelot —and the behind-the-scenes production information at the back of my volume is enlightening—and Bolland’s art would only get better over time, and he would eventually shine strongly as part of the burgeoning British Invasion of comics talent of that era.

It seemed like a lazy way to retell the most famous episode of arthuriana. In the yearModred is reincarnated as Jordan Matthew, a corrupt United Nations official in league with Morgan le Fayand who later fuses the recovered Holy Grail into a suit of armor. Tank Girl was all about a military girl who blows up and kills anyone she passes and has a kangaroo as a boyfriend.

Other aspects of the story are eerily prophetic, particularly the US president with his fake hair and his pistol strapping attitude. Barr originally had the role of Tom Prentice filled by a girl, but editor Len Wein strongly felt that the character should be a boy. Fun, cheesiness with fantastic art.

It was given to me by my dad, who is an avid collector of old comics of his era. He is reunited with Merlin, six of his knights, Guinevere and a young man who who awakens him Tom. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Arthur was more like a”Thor” like character who did not inspire me one bit in his battle against “evil” aliens.

The others are more like a multicultural nod with Galahad as a Samurai and the African Gawain. Of course, this comic book was bit difficult to procure, as I lived on a tropical island where only mainstream superhero comics made it to the newsstands.

It is utterly ridiculous, full of 80’s “this is what the future will be like” references, and yet camekot still amusing. Barrand in retrospect, Batman and the Outsiders was more than a bit clumsy, and often heavy-handed in its politics. While Tristan’s gendered dilemma does serve to elevate the storyline, the dialogue is hopelessly embedded with period Americanisms that not sspaol detracts from supposed British characters, but makes the whole of Arthur’s new Round Table fellowship quite bland despite the world diversity they are now made to represent—Lancelot retains his French aspect in exterior only; he might as well as be an American businessman and becomes the rinse and repeat espaoo the storyline as found cameelot traditional Arthurian sources.


Mar 30, Reyel rated it really liked it. The story line is standard fare for a comic of its time and I am surprised there has not been a film version in this era of superheroes and high tech battles. The revival of legendary King A colleague has been lending me graphic novels following a conversation we once had about how much I loved ‘ The Complete Maus Maus’ by Art Spiegelman.

Arthur, Guinevereand Lancelot are presented more-or-less traditionally as the familiar doomed camelott of lovers; Guinevere is reincarnated as Joan Acton, an American military commander, while Lancelot is reborn as Jules Futrelle, a French industrialist and philanthropist.

At the time the logistics of transatlantic collaborations were difficult, and the series was created using the full script method in part because it was the easiest way for Barr and Bolland to work together while an ocean separated them. It was true to the well-known and much-loved Arthurian legends, but with those classic graphic novel elements spattered throughout.

The series also briefly experimented with reproducing art directly from the pencils i. Galahad sacrifices himself so that they can gain entry to Morgan’s citadel. Now some thirty years later 3000 knowing a lot more of the mythos I see the richness of it weaved into the story.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I have so much to say about this comic, but first of all: Tristan returns as a woman, which back then was like opening a whole can of worms. Jul 27, Wesley rated it it was ok Shelves: So when I re- read CamelotI was expecting a frankly substandard effort from Barr, despite the always-gorgeous art from Brian Bolland and for perhaps the apotheosis of his art, go look for Batman: Before Arthur sacrifices himself to stop Morgan, he forgives Lancelot and Guinevere, and wishes that they live together happily.