to set up the software for your use. This guide shows a workflow that uses application settings. BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for the BD LSR II. Compensation Controls in the BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual. • Default templates are now provided for certain instrument functions. If you are the first user of the day: Boot up the computer and log on to Windows. Wait 10 seconds, then Open the BD FACSDiva software and log on. Allow the.

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The software described More information. Technical Assistance For technical questions or assistance in solving a problem: To resize a window, position the cursor on the border.

This publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying. For example, choose Fluorochrome Label and enter CD4 in the text field. The new experiment is added below the Simple Analysis experiment in the Browser.

Instrument and Acquisition Controls Applying Label-Specific Compensation Settings to Tubes If your experiment contains label-specific compensation controls, you will need to specify which spectral overlap value to use for each tube in the experiment by assigning appropriate labels.

Experiments under the Shared View icon are hidden. Your workspace might look slightly different from that shown in this example.

Figure Current tube pointer for acquisition workstation current tube During Analysis When the software is disconnected from the cytometer, or a recorded tube contains incompatible instrument settings, a plot icon is displayed next to tubes with recorded data in the open experiment Figure on page Specimens and tubes associated with carousels or compensation controls cannot be moved. If the gate does not contain all required events, edit the gate or right-click it and choose Recalculate. To export and import user profiles, you must have administrative access.


Sybase is a registered More information. Enter an integer between 1 and 50, events in the numeric field. Create a global worksheet in any of the following ways: The contents of the Inspector vary depending on the object selected.

Software Installation and Setup 27 The software and all supporting files are placed in the Program Files folder on the C: If you are not familiar with the Windows operating system, see the documentation provided with your computer. The gate boundary is resized proportionally according to the original shape.

Note that parameter names must be unique within the configuration, and cannot include commas or periods.

Remember that to place an experiment in a folder, you need to select the folder before you create the experiment. To display the Inspector, click the Inspector button on the Workspace toolbar.


Your workspace might look slightly different from that shown in this example. To add a blank global worksheet, leave the global worksheet template as Blank Analysis, and leave the Default global worksheet checkbox selected.

NOTICE If tube- or specimen-specific settings are linked to a setup see Applying a Setup to Instrument Settings on pageexperiment-level settings are not updated automatically, even when the global instrument settings preference is enabled. Jens Referece, Basel Dr.

Offline When the software is disconnected from the cytometer, or a recorded tube contains incompatible cytometer settings, a plot icon is displayed next to tubes with recorded data in the open experiment.

Duplicating Plots Duplicate a plot in one of the following ways: The firmware update will be complete when you launch the new software version.

Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystem, Inc. The selected template remains in effect for the current user until it is changed in facsdivva preferences. You must be connected to the cytometer to use some of the features in this section.


To create an analysis template, do the following. Record and save large data files of up to 10 million events.

BD FACSCanto II Quick Reference Manual

Stanford Canto User Guide Note: To determine whether an adjustment is needed, area signal is usually compared to height signal for one parameter from each laser, as well as for FSC. If the file you are importing contains a duplicate of any existing user names, the following message appears: Printing Worksheets Choose one of the following commands from the File menu to set up for printing or to print worksheets.

Analysis templates can be assigned as a default worksheet or applied to one or more tubes at a time. Most windows can be resized by dragging a border or corner. A complete baseline characterization of the cytometer Automated performance checking and tracking of characterization measurements A new feature to maintain application-specific settings For a brief overview of Cytometer Setup and Tracking, see Previewing Cytometer Setup and Tracking Features on page After recording a tube, a copy of the instrument settings in effect at the time of recording is stored with the tube.

Getting Started with BD FACSDiva Software

Select the Directory Export option to export to a directory or select the Zip File Export option to export all the elements in the file in a Zip file format. Your Dashboard might contain more controls than those shown depending on your cytometer type and options. While recording, Alt-click the pointer to switch from recording to acquisition; click the pointer without holding down the Alt key to stop acquisition and recording. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.