Download bachon k islami naam urdu apk for Android. Bachon k khubsurat islami name un ki mutlab k sath. Download bachon k islami naam urdu Apk file (Mb) for Android with direct link, Free Books & Reference Application to download from. Naam Ke mayne,; pakistani muslim baby names,; bachon k islami naam ki list,; bachon k islami name,; pakistani name meanings in urdu,; bachon ke islami.

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Top 49 Apps Similar to bachon k islami naam urdu. Islamic Names Boys and Girls with Urdu May, More thanPopular and Famous Names Collection with elegant graphics, thisappalso allow creating your favorite names list for boys and girlsandyou can share any name with udu friends and family by emailSMSmessage and etc. Why names with Meanings? Muslims must choose a name thathas arighteous meaning, that will befit and bring blessings to thechildthroughout his or her life.

It is reported that the Prophet peacebe upon him said: Bachon Ky Islamic Is,ami 1. Thousands of best and unique Islamic names collection. Beautifuldesign and easy to use. Go to the Menu and select optionfrom thelist alphabetically. This App only contains unique Islamicnames. You can also find the language origin, meaning in Urdu andEnglishphrase of desired names. Details about zodiac star, Luckynumber,Lucky stone, Lucky color, and planet are also mentioned foreachalphabet.

According to a Muslim Hadith Muslims must bacnon a name that hasagood meaning, that will bring blessings to the kidsthroughouttheir life. It is reported that the Prophet peace beupon him said: Mark the birth of your Muslim child bygiving Azaan inthe ears and by announcing the name officially. Muslim parents whoare looking for good suggestions can explore theocean of mostpopular and latest Islamic Names targeting the Muslimcommunityworldwide.

Proud parents rejoice and celebrate the birthin familyby distributing sweets islxmi announcing the chosen Muslimbaby namefor the little one. With the changing trends, Muslimfamiliesliving in Pakistan, India, Middle East, Europe, andAmericas havestarted taking suggestions from reliable sources forchoosing asuitable Muslim baby name.

This App is the mostaccessible andconvenient way uru help the new parents in selecting asuitableIslamic name. This App has latest and unique Muslim babyname withmeaning. Most of the Islamic names have Arabic and Persianrootswhich are high in demand.

There are plenty of old traditionalnamesoptions for parents, therefore in search of newness, theysearchfor Muslim baby names. Modern young Muslim couples prefer tochoosea newer name which is easy to pronounce, with interestingmeaning,and accurate origin details. Muslim baby names App hassolved theproblem of new parents allegedly by offering some uniquenameslisted alphabetically along with their meanings.

This Appbringsyou the opportunity to check out the ielami and updated listofIslamic names for Muslim boys names and Islamic names forgirls. The meaning of the listed Muslim baby names are written inUrdulanguages. Islamic names are place in Alif To Ye. Itassistsparents to browse through names of their favorite alphabets.


Muslimbaby boy names and Muslim Baby Girl Names are searched. Moreover, Muslim Uru Quran is also preferred by the parentswholike to choose a suitable name from Holy Quran.

You canfindvarious meaningful Arabic words in Holy Quran that canbeconsidered as a unique name for the new born. Youcan locate the list from Arabic, Persian, and Urdu originofpopular Islamic names for boys, and Islamic names forgirls. Islamic names meaning in book are taken from valid sourcesfor thehelp of parents. Muslim Names in Urdu is usually searchedbyPakistani parents as well as by those living at foreignlocationsbut do understand Urdu.

Download now and find beautiful islamic names. ShareScreen Shoot with your friends. Pinch To Zoom Option. IslamicNameswith their best meanings in Urdu Language.

Muslim Babies Name Latest 2. Download this FREE Offline works without internet application on your android cell phones andtablets rudu select a goodand meaningful name for your new bornbabies. In thisApplication you can: Meaning of names are detailedin English, for every Muslimnames.

Child name with a beautiful andhonorable name is veryimportant so give your child the bestpossible name. And many more, you will realize byyourself.

A fast fun search box forquickly findIslamic names and meanings. Quick access buttons forprevious, nextand random names option are given in bachkn namefinder, along withfluidic swipe option. We dedicate this toall ourMuslims and non-Muslims alike, in hope to spread theknowledge ofIslam. Bachon Kay Islmaic Naam 1. Is app mein apnay naam ka matlab janiye aur buhat se islamicnaammein se apnay bachon kay naam talash kijiye.

Bahishti Zewar Urdu Complete 1. For years Bahishti Zewar in Urduhas remained afavorite with the people of the South Asia as well asthe IndianMuslim diaspora all over the world. It was originallywritten inthe Urdu language but has been translated into a host ofotherlanguages including English.

bachon k islami naam urdu

Bahishti Zewar in Urdu is dividedinto8 sections. The Most Complete Application availabletillnow. Namaz ka tarika Urdu 1. Namaz ka tarika Urdu is an Islamic App for Muslim brotherandsisters.

Thisappcontains basic information regarding Namaz,Complete MethodofNamaz. We have embedded features: Islam Zahid Hussain Chihpa 1. World’s first Quran and Hadith searchable application withanunparalleled array of amazing features: Israr Ahmed and Mufti M. In theArabic language, most words are derived from aRoot Word. A word iscreated by applying uddu, prefixes andsuffixes in an oftenpredictable manner to the original Root.

Excellent for peopleinterested in learning the Arabic language ormeaning of the Quran. May Allah reward youfor yourinterest naaam the original sources of knowledge of our Deen! Ramazan Duain Urdu Translation 1. Ramazan ki dua, Roza Aftari ki dua, Roza Rakhny ki dua, Namazetaraveeh ki dua, aur bht si masnoon duaen shamil hn. Yad karenaurparhen masnoon duaen aur Sawab hasil karen aur hmae bduadan.


Ramadan first ashra ki dua in Arabic is hot search amongthemuslims brothers and sisters, If you are one of them thenramzanpehla ashra ki dua in Arabic is available here, reciteitrepeatedly, The muslims who are fasting always recite ramzanpehlaashra ki dua during ramadan 1st ashra and ramadan 2nd ashra kiduaalong with ramadan 3 ashra ki dua throughout whole Ramadan.

Itsacollection of Ramazan first 1st ashra mean for first 10 daysofRamadan, 2nd ashra, 3rd ashra of Ramadan,Namaz e taraveeh kidua,Barish ki dua, Andhi ki dua,Ayyam e Ramzan ki Dua, RozaAftarikarny ki dua aur Roza rakhny ki dua.

Mostly maam can performramzanka wazifa and also read ramzan ki fazilat in urdu, ramzankibarkatain in urdu, if you are one of the good then ramzan kiazmatin urdu can help you out. There are many ramzan kiduwaienincluding ramzan ul mubarak ki dua and ramadan ul mubarakkifazilat.

Here are the keyfeatures: Translationof all dua’s from Arabic to Urdu. Sahih Bukhari Hindi 7. Sahi Bukhari hindi was written by imam Bukhari. Bukahri uedu a very famous Hadees book in hindi.

Islamic Urdu Name for Android Free Download – 9Apps

Bukahri shareef hindiis alsoavailable in urdu and english. Sahih Muslim hindi will beavailablesoon. Aik Hazaar Ahadees In Urdu 7. This application is a humble effort to spread the knowledgeofIslam. If you can understand Urdu Language and you are amuslimthen you must have this application. Can zoom in and out the image2. CanCrop the Selected Hadith and Share it on any social messagingapp4. Can Download the Hadith Please remember in your prayers andsendyour feedback for improving this.

Sahih Muslim Hadiths in Urdu 1. Sahih Muslim is an authenticated book of Hadith. This app is specially designed for the nativeusersto get the better understanding of Islam. Following aretheessential features of this app: Distictinctive Feature of thisapp: Introduction contains the description about theworkof imam-Muslim List of Books: This is the main screen featureofthis app which divides the collection of Hadith in to 54chaptersrelates to different matters of life.

Users can select the font sizeaccording totheir comfort level. Through this featureuser canbookmark his or her favorite hadith and read it later. This is the distinctive feature of this app whichkeeps the userupdate about the latest information. This app contains all the hadiths from the Sahihal-Bukharibook. App containsthecollection of Ahadith based on different type of topicsoflife.

Each topic contain many Ahadith narrated bySahaba R. Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc.