Documents Similar To AFMBE Character Sheet. AFMBE Reference Public. Uploaded by. Brant Utley · AFMBE Resident Evil Corebook. Uploaded by. Chris Grant. Do whatever you want with a All Flesh Must Be Eaten Character Sheet: fill, sign, print and send online instantly. Securely download your document with other. COMBAT SEQUENCE. ✦Intentions: The ZM asks each player what his character intends to do during the next turn. ✦Initiative: Make a Difficult Dexterity Test. The.

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It is finally that time, the Myth Weavers Storycrafting contest has begun!

Entrants will have from now until Details for the contest, the great prizes, and a place to ask questions may be found in the Storycrafting Announcement thread. Site Discussion Do you have questions, suggestions, feedback, bug reports or other concerns?

Jul 10 ’12, 1: It’s already been requested: Jul 27 ’12, I started this because it looked easy before the new sheet system so I may as well finish it up using the old system. I have some questions.


Looking a various different sheets the way powers and skills are presented varies. How many rows do you need for weapons? Ammo – are magazines always 30 shots or do they vary?

AFMBE Character Sheet – PDF Free Download

I’ve experimeted with some but they all suck. Does anyone care if they just use a standard font? Charactet you do care then suggest a usable fonts with the right free license. Originally Posted by Plugsy.

Hey, hope I can answer some of these. I envision it would be best to have these as two columns with a scalable radio button or just a space for afmbbe single digit entry. Qualities and Drawbacks are vital information as well, though these rarely extend past 5 different aspects each. Should be right up there with name and character type!

Though most games I’ve played only require cnaracter number of bullets remaining on that character, perhaps as a third column with the weapon section? Grunge fonts make me want to die inside, pardon the pun!


Site Discussion

Jul 27 ’12, 1: I’ve just noticed that the weapon column titles differ on some versions. Except those don’t seem to relate to the heading in this version.

I’m confused now as to what columns are needed. Strange how they are so different. Aug 5 ’12, 1: I’m gonna add a language field so that lang tags can be used and a statblock field.

The stablock is really just so you have the option of displaying text you typed yourself using sb tags but as I’m working on it anyway do you want a generated statblock? If so tell me what should be in it. Last Database Backup Originally Posted by Plugsy Looking a various different sheets the way powers and skills are presented varies.